Our Dream Wedding for just $2,000

By Tim and Lisa Spooner

We fell deeply in love with one another in the winter of 2002 / 2003. We soon realized that we had found our lifetime soul mate and could not bear the thought of having to live the rest of our life apart.

On April 12, 2003, Tim went to his knees in the commons area of a large indoor mall and asked for Lisa’s hand in marriage. With tears of joy, she happily accepted Tim's proposal (and of course the ring).

Tim and Lisa Spooner

Tim had just graduated from the university and had very little in the way of cash.Lisa was in the early stages of her bachelor’s program at the university and also did not have much in savings.Both of our parents were getting by okay but could not afford to pay for a wedding.

Although eloping or visiting the justice of the peace crossed our minds, we knew that doing so would have been a big disappointment to our families and that we might someday regret not having a wedding ceremony with all the trappings.

Planning Our Wedding

We were anxious to get married. We could totally sympathize with Harry in the movie “When Harry Met Sally” who said: “Once you figure out who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible!”

We set a date for our wedding as Saturday, September 20, 2003.

During that summer, Lisa did not take a job. Instead of outright making us a couple thousand dollars at some low wage summer job; she spent her time saving us thousands upon thousands of dollars through her creative and organizing skills in planning our wedding and acquiring garage sale furniture and other items for our apartment.

All told – we are talking about every aspect of the wedding from the engagement ring to the honeymoon – we personally paid less than $2,000 and anyone else contributing to the wedding (such as tuxes and bridesmaid dresses) paid much less than that.

The Wedding

Wedding Planning on a Budget

Thanks to our careful planning (to which most of the credit goes to Lisa), our wedding turned out to be a masterpiece! It turned out just as we had dreamed – if not better – and many of our guests gave raving compliments – Tim's great aunt even wrote his mother a letter the following week saying that it was the most beautiful wedding she had ever attended (and she has been to a lot of weddings in her lifetime!).

We had the church decorated with flowers matching the bouquets. There were three bridesmaids and a maid of honor dressed in beautiful matching periwinkle dresses. Tim, his best man, and his three groomsmen looked stunning in their handsome tuxedos complete with periwinkle vests and bow ties. The father of the groom, the father of the bride, and the classical pianist also all wore tuxedos.

Lisa, of course, was the main attraction in her incredibly elegant wedding gown and veil. She received many compliments from people saying they had never seen such a beautiful bride’s gown before.

We had a pianist playing selected music before and during the ceremony. Our groomsmen doubled as ushers to greet and seat each of the approximately 150 distinguished guests in attendance.

We had a professional videographer and photographer to record our special day.

Our lovely mothers lit the family candles and later, during a tender moment of the wedding ceremony, we joined the family candles at the unity candle.Our minister gave an eloquent talk on the meaning of our union in marriage.

We added a special touch to our wedding by singing a duet with one another. We have been told that there was hardly a dry eye in the church during our sweet performance of “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman.

After we had kissed and the minister had prayed the benediction, we received each guest as they made the procession to the banqueting area.

The banquet was incredible! Our caterers presented us with a feast of deli meats and cheeses, caviar, shrimp, desserts, and other delicacies. The maid of honor and the best man gave generous toasts and everyone enjoyed themselves while celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Spooner’s union in marriage over a delicious meal.

We made the traditional first cut into the wedding cake (with sparkling crystal love birds as the cake topper) and fed one another cake and then headed for the dance floor where we and our guests enjoyed dancing to our selected love songs.

Before long, we were being sent off to our honeymoon with streamers trailing behind our get-a-way car.

Now It’s Your Turn!

That is our story! To this day, when we think of our wedding day, great big smiles of pleasure fill our faces. We had the wedding of our dreams and we did not break the bank to do it! Would you like to know
how we had the wedding of our dreams for less than $2,000?

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